Master Planning

We seek first to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of a project; its financial goals; and community perspectives. Master planning, and other critical disciplines, paired with a local understanding allow our team to create plans with long lasting solutions. Regardless of the need at hand, our team has the expertise to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs while achieving physical, economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

Landscape Architecture

At PKJ Design Group we take pride in the art and practice of designing the outdoor environment, especially designing parks or gardens together with buildings, parking, and roads. Here at PKJ, we work on many different types of Landscape Architecture projects such as: Planting Plans, Irrigation Plans, Monument Signs, Water Features, Parks, Plazas, Schools, Hospitals, and much more. Our team has worked on many different types of projects creating a strong knowledgeable diverse team ready to work on the next challenging design. We take pride in developing designs that blend with nature, help the environment around them, and last for generations.

Public Involvement

Public participation is an integral part of our process to ensure that decisions are made in consideration of public needs and preferences. Early and continuous public involvement brings different viewpoints and values into the decision-making process. This process enables agencies to make better informed decisions through joint efforts and builds mutual understanding and trust between the agencies and the public they serve. Successful public interaction is an on-going process, consisting of a series of activities and actions to both inform the public and stakeholders and to attain feedback which influence decisions that affect their lives.


Our Illustrations help to convey an idea or a concept and give a new perspective of the project. Developing color sketches and renderings for our project team, brings everyone to a common understanding. Color Illustrations give a clear direction to the parties involved in the design process. Our color Illustration boards help clients sell and market their projects to potential customers. These marketing boards and illustrations are used at planning and zoning and city council meetings, for public involvement meetings, billboards and roadside posters. PKJ’s signature marketing boards are used all over the valley and are recognized as an industry standard.


The best way to help individuals understand what their project or areas of their project will look like is to develop a three-dimensional image. These images bring the building or landscape to life and relate better with clients and public entities involved. Developing a three-dimensional project also is an integral part in finding potential areas where the design might not work as planned. Building these environments before construction helps to eliminate costly changes during installation and create a project the will function properly and be aesthetically pleasing.

Website Design

Many projects and companies need to market their information through the web. Our website design offers modern technology for public involvement and consumer information. At PKJ Design Group, we can create a custom website for project specific information or for long-lasting business marketing. We currently help many clients publicize their project or project online to expand their marketing base and create a location where communication with the public can be easily achieved.